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About Nausheen

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Hi, I am Nausheen and welcome to

I started sharing my journey in fashion industry as an insider and a fashion model few years back through social media platforms, I've always had a huge love for fashion and art and that inspired me to create this space where I can showcase my creativity and share my ideas, opinions and my individuality through my personal style.

I'm based in London, the city which ranks highly as a distinctive fashion centre. but my second home is India, The country full of diverse culture and traditions and This space is going to be the mix of both the worlds I live and experience.

I want to create a space for you to expand your mindset and hopefully find some tools that can help you develop anything you have been needing advice on whether it be in fashion, beauty, pet care, lifestyle, wellness and much more, or at least entertain you a bit while you are scrolling through my feed.

From all of us at the Naushhh and Team, we look forward to virtually welcoming you into our lives. I would love to get feedback and advice on what you might be looking for in terms of content, so get in touch and myself or one of our Team members from Naushhh team will get back to you as soon as we can.


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